About Basic Bitches

Basic Bitches by Mike Vorrasi

Photo Credit: Mike Vorrasi



Naomi Scott (guitar, vocals) and Krystal Grow (drums, vocals) are BASIC BITCHES. The queer punk rock two-piece are familiar faces in NYC’s Riot Grrrl / DIY scene. They recently clawed their way out of Brooklyn’s basement stages and carted their amps upstate—because you can make as much noise as you want in the country. 

They crank out original songs from The Green Room, their in-house practice space and DIY recording studio, and tour throughout New York and around the world. They’re known for the welcoming vibe of their live shows, along with their ear-grabbing musical hooks, witty lyrics and tits-to-the-glass exuberance. 



BASIC BITCHES’ upcoming 2023 album, It Doesn't Matter If It's Cool, is produced by J. Robbins (Ex Hex, Bacchae, War on Women, Against Me!). Like a fed-up phoenix, the record wallops its way through a pile of post-pandemic ash with anthems like “Start the World,” “Business as Usual” and “This City Won’t Miss You (Like I Do).” 

Their 2021 album, Basic Bitches Go to the Movies, was written, recorded and released during the pandemic. It contains 10 songs inspired by 10 classic movies, including Shawshank Redemption, Harold and Maude and This Is Spinal Tap. On April 9, 2022, the band performed the entire album at the Callicoon Theater, a historic one-screen moviehouse. Inspired by the album, Naomi and Krystal started the Basic Bitches Movie Club, a podcast chatting with musical friends about their favorite films. 

In addition to their debut album City Slackers (2017) and 2019’s Relatable Content, the duo released singles including a cover of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” “I Hope Your Holidays Are Fine,” “How Come None of You Ever Want to Hang Anymore?” and “My Body, My Choice / White Bread President.”



Naomi grew up in a tiny village in West Sussex, England. Nerding out on piano, guitar, drums, and music theory, she taught herself to sing at age twelve by listening to Cross Road: The Best of Bon Jovi. Her other bands include Naomi Hates Humans, Designing Women and Yoko Forever. 

Growing up south of Boston, Krystal’s (very cool) mom took her to underground shows as a teenager. She watched legendary women of punk at the peak of their power, and was inspired to get on stage and make noise by Beth Ditto, Meg White and Molly Neuman. Her past bands include Lady Bizness, The Bleed and Predator Drone.



Founded in 2015, BASIC BITCHES’ previous drummers were the talented Josh McCartney and Nick D’Amore. When neither one was available for a show in Binghamton, NY, Krystal filled in at the last minute. Sparks flew onstage and off, with Naomi and Krystal deciding to join forces as a band and a couple. BASIC BITCHES performed at their own wedding and went on tour for their honeymoon—playing shows all the way to Dollywood and back. They live together in Sullivan County, NY with their cats Stevie Nicks and Frankie Knuckles.


Bio written by Bizzy Coy